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Alfresco Application Development Framework

Rapid Delivery of Engaging UX

The Alfresco Application Development Framework (ADF) is a modern javascript-based framework to rapidly build engaging web applications on top of the Alfresco Digital Business Platform. It provides a rich set of reusable Angular based UI components and services, command-line tooling and Javascript APIs that surface Alfresco Process, Content and Governance Services. Designed for developers, it allows the creation of responsive web applications that deliver outstanding experiences and truly support your digital transformation initiatives.

Business Benefits

Meet your business needs within days rather than months.

  • Reduce Time to Value — With over 150 reusable components, dev tools and highly automated test coverage, ADF greatly accelerates your development process
  • Drive Adoption with Outstanding User Experience — Delight your customers with modern applications that drive rapid user adoption
  • Connect People, Content and Processes — By assembling a combination of process, content and governance components, developers rapidly deliver unique digital solutions

Open & Reusable Components

ADF provides more than 150 pre-built and fully functional Angular / Material Design components.

  • 150+ UI Components & Services — e.g. content metadata, faceted search, dynamic start process, public sharing, version manager, content permissions
  • Application Generator for Quick Start — Angular CLI templates lets you generate your first application in less than 2 minutes
  • Open & Modern Industry Standards — ADF is open source and based on the web technologies of choice for enterprises including Angular, Javascript, Material Design and RESTful services


Explore Components

High Flexibility & Extensibility

ADF is all about offering choice and flexibility for developers to build engaging solutions that drive adoption by meeting unique business needs.

  • Highly extensible ADF makes it easy to add your own components. In addition, the Alfresco javascript API allows the use of any javascript-based technology of your choice
  • Openness for Community-driven Innovation based on an open, Apache 2.0 Licensing model with code source hosted on Github, ADF makes it easy for development teams to interact and contribute in many ways


ADF Community

Watch a Brief Overview of the Alfresco Application Development Framework

Alfresco Digital Workspace

The Alfresco Digital Workspace is the out-of-the-box end-user application for the Alfresco Digital Business Platform. It provides a simple and modern user interface that focuses on workforce efficiency where end users access files and work items quickly and easily. Built with a modern extension framework, the Digital Workspace is designed to be tailored to your needs.


Alfresco partners are creating domain-specific extensions leveraging their expert domain knowledge utilizing the latest technologies in AI (Artificial Intelligence), Machine Learning, Blockchain, and Digital Signature to deliver customer-centered digital transformation.


Geolang - integration with the Ascema Data Security and Discovery solutions
Snowbound - file viewer plugin, replacing the standard file viewer with the full-featured Soundbound HTML5 viewer providing functionality like annotation, redaction, split & merge, and so much more
Sphereon - Blockchain extension for a clinical trials solution, sends and verifies files on the Blockchain
Zia Consulting - DocuSign plugin, send a document signature. Once signed, the documents automatically are added back to Alfresco

Alfresco Process Workspace

The Alfresco Process Workspace is the out-of-the-box user interface for end users to view, act and collaborate on tasks and processes. 
It is powered by ADF and leverages Alfresco Process Services to automate and orchestrate work activities and business processes resulting in greater experiences for employees, customers, and citizens.