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Webinar: On prem or in the cloud - it’s time to set your SAP content free

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Learn how Alfesco's SAP-certified Connector can help you cut costs and break critical business information out of SAP-specific processes

With SAP data storage costs rising fast, businesses of all shapes and sizes are reducing operating costs and unlocking the potential of their content with Alfresco’s certified SAP Connector.

Moving documents and other unstructured content to Alfresco could have a big impact on your organization. For example, a large enterprise with 1,000 users, shifting 1TB of data could recognize over $200k a year in productivity gains, storage cost savings and other efficiencies.

But the benefits don’t end there. Register for our upcoming webinar to explore all the benefits recognized by customers utilizing our SAP-certified connector.

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Discover the benefits of making the move

Whether your SAP data is stored on-premises or in the cloud, moving it to Alfresco offers significant benefits, including:

  • Drive end user productivity: instead of requiring users to switch between their familiar SAP user experience and a separate content centric application, users have access to Alfresco solutions directly within SAP.

  • Simplify finding relevant content: by associating Alfresco content with SAP business objects, end users can have content automatically appear when opening a record – or quickly search and find related content.

  •  Enable enterprise access to information previously only available to SAP users. By storing SAP documents in Alfresco, users throughout the organization can leverage this information for other purposes that are not SAP-centric.

  • Bi-directional content access: Store documents from SAP inside Alfresco and link documents from Alfresco to SAP.

  • Deliver content services without the headaches: instead of duplicating or having to manage Alfresco and SAP information separately, apply content services to SAP content, including access and version control, retention and records management, workflows or storage options automatically.

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Sean Baird
Director, Product Marketing, Hyland
Volker Blaesig
Director, Product Management, Hyland