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Webinar: Transforming the customer experience with technology

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All systems go: how can technology help you keep up with the pace of change expected by today’s insurance customers?

Customer are more demanding and expectant than ever. Fueled by the increased digitalization of their daily lives, consumers expect products and services that are both tailored to their needs and delivered at speed. And just because they bought something last year, it should no longer be considered a certainty that will repeat 12 months on.

And this is as true with insurance, as it is with everything else. The big question is are insurers ready, flexible and agile enough to satisfy these people’s demands and expectation when it comes to their motor, home, pet and travel insurance?

Against this backdrop, Insurance Post would like to invite you watch an interactive webinar in which an expert panel will look at what insurance companies are doing to match and indeed exceed customer expectations in the digital first age, where loyalty and favour is no longer won by doing as little as possible and hoping policyholders renew out of inertia.

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Among the questions we will seek to address are:

  • How have technology strategies evolved in recent years to embrace the growing potential of digital insurance?
  • How can insurers augment core legacy systems and processes to keep up with the changing demands of insurance customers?
  • What technologies and/or IT skillsets are favoured when it comes to augmenting and improving-heritage systems?
  • How difficult has it been to keep legacy systems running? What is the impact on your goals to build a customer-centric business model?
  • What are the biggest pain points for insurance companies seeking to become more agile and flexible in terms of technology adoption and integration?
  • What pain points exist because of a past focus on products and historic product/information silos?
  • In what ways have insurance companies changed their business processes to bring launches to market quicker to make sure they remain as relevant as possible to policyholders?
  • How can insurance companies create internal confidence, technology adoption and a ‘can-do’ culture, whereby customer centricity is the lens by which every decision is made?