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Adobe Sign Connector for Alfresco

The ClearCadence Adobe Sign Connector for Alfresco is valuable to any organization looking to provide streamlined integration between the Alfresco Digital Business Platform and Adobe Sign. This includes both from a process automation and a content management perspective, with end-to-end integration capabilities.

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Solution Benefits:

ClearCadence understands that power, uniformity, flexibility, and consistency are the cornerstones of an effective integration. That’s why we developed the Adobe Sign Connector for Alfresco, a powerful integration connector that facilitates the review and collaboration of a document prior to it being sent to Adobe Sign for e-signature. Once the process has completed and the document is electronically signed, it can be successfully published to the ACS content repository.


By utilizing the Adobe Sign Connector for Alfresco, organizations put the processing power in each user's hands by allowing them to simplify and accelerate the use of electronic signatures and enterprise content management. This in-turn improves efficiencies and lowers your overall deployment and training costs.

Meet the Partner

ClearCadence, LLC

United States

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Adobe Sign Connector for Alfresco

About the Solution

Licensing Model:Subscription Based: Starter, Business, Enterprise
Alfresco Content Services:4.2, 5.0, 5.1, 5.2
System / Additional Requirements:
Requires Additional Server Software Install
Version History:1.0
Support:Supported by Solution Provider 24x7