AIM Methodology

The Alfresco Implementation Methodology (AIM) brings together the results of the 100’s of successful ECM and BPM that the Alfresco Consulting team has been engaged on over the last 10 years. This implementation methodology, is constantly being updated by the Global Team with the latest examples and artefacts from all of our completed projects.

The methodology follows a Readiness > Ramp and Extend approach and as well as the Consulting tasks, we ensure that all Alfresco stakeholders; including our Customer Success Colleagues, Product Management and Engineering are engaged at relevant points in the project.

We also ensure that our Customers develop the Alfresco related skills that they need, the start of this process is via our skills development plan service offering. This defines a role based development plan for all roles involved in the project.

Readiness Phase

In the Readiness phase we focus on the following:

  • Assess the current processes or use cases
  • Assess the current architecture including integrations
  • Highlight priority requirements or use cases
  • Undertake skills development planning for project/operational roles impacted by the project
  • Define a Project Roadmap
  • Detailed planning for the first 90 days in order to deploy priority process into production

In the ramp phase we focus on the following:

  • Project initiation, including governance and control processes
  • Execution of role based development activities
  • Sprint based development
  • Testing and deployment of “phase 1” scope
  • Design and Build of Alfresco Centre of Excellence
  • Detailed planning for remainder of initiative roadmap

Extend Phase

In the extend phase we combine the operational aspects of supporting the production solution with the continual execution of the Initiative roadmap, as well as planning for new projects and initiatives that will leverage the platform.