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Alfresco Enterprise Viewer

High-speed viewing and editing of content in a secure way

Organizations are looking to securely enable work from anywhere. To succeed, they need modern content platforms that support quick and efficient viewing, annotation, redaction and updating of content and metadata. These abilities are integral to digital transformation and modernization efforts.

The Alfresco Enterprise Viewer enables secure, high-speed viewing of documents, images, audio and video files. It offers additional features like annotation, redaction, and document editing. Combined with the open, modern and cloud native Alfresco Digital Business Platform, the Alfresco Enterprise Viewer can massively increase user productivity and user adoption of your content system.

Alfresco Enterprise Viewer Features

The Alfresco Enterprise Viewer lets you view, annotate, redact and update content at high speeds for a positive user experience and less document handling.

High Speed and Secure Viewing

The Alfresco Enterprise Viewer provides high-speed and secure viewing of content including documents, video and audio. No browser add-ons or installations are required, with the following benefits over a full-document view or other approach:

  • High speed viewing is accomplished by dividing the documents into small encoded sections allowing very quick first page viewing
  • Watermark overlays including user names and time stamps to prevent screenshots of the content
  • The document is in pieces, making it difficult to simply copy a file from the browser cache—those pieces can also be encrypted for an additional layer of security
  • Controlled print - identifying information can be automatically overlaid on the document such as when it was printed and by whom

Alfresco Enterprise Viewer – Demo

The Alfresco Enterprise Viewer enables high-speed viewing and editing of content in a secure way. Watch this demo to learn how end users can easily add and collaborate in real-time on annotations, redact sensitive content and edit documents including rotation, reordering or page deletion.

The Alfresco Enterprise Viewer also provides annotation capabilities similar to document annotation for audio and video files – a smart way to highlight what is important in specific parts of a video.



The Alfresco Enterprise Viewer provides the option to actively collaborate on documents and annotations in real-time. This increases the productivity of end-users for typical tasks like a document review and reduces the effort of the whole process:

  • When annotations are being made, every user will immediately see the annotation appear on their screen
  • Each annotation has a “reply” button that allows users to reply to an existing annotation
  • The “participants” pane shows all users currently annotating the document
  • End-users can use the chat window for informal dialog during review


The Alfresco Enterprise Viewer allows secure, high-speed viewing and annotation of documents and videos, as well as redaction and other document editing capabilities:

  • Optimized for high-speed and real-time document viewing by subsequently loading the pages
  • Annotate documents, audio files, and even videos—all annotations appear in a pane that allows quick navigation to other annotations
  • Use different types of annotations to add thoughts without changing the content–in a review or approval process

Redactions and Document Editing

Organizations benefit from robust redaction and other document editing capabilities:

  • Redacted sections are permanently burned into the copy—even if the document gets downloaded
  • Automatic ‘suggested redactions’ based on patterns for phone number, social security number or other common patterns
  • Supports manual or bulk redaction of text or blocks of text
  • Editing capabilities including rotate, reorder, delete or split of documents

Alfresco Enterprise Viewer FAQs

What are the advantages of a browser-based, native content viewer?

Modern products like the Alfresco Enterprise Viewer don’t require installing software locally, but provide advanced capabilities around viewing and editing documents. This is particularly important for remote or external work, where IT can’t dictate specific hardware and software components.

What advantages does the Alfresco Enterprise Viewer have over viewing a document with the native browser or a JavaScript library like PDF.JS?

The Alfresco Enterprise Viewer provides a high-speed and secure interface for viewing documents that can be 2 to 5 times faster for large documents than traditional browser or javascript libraries. By breaking the document down into encrypted pieces, the Alfresco Enterprise Viewer also provides for enhanced security, as no readable components are stored in the document cache. Also, unlike standard browser tools, the Alfresco Enterprise Viewer allows annotations to be created and viewed—along with redaction, editing and watermarking capabilities.

What is an annotation?

An annotation is additional information provided by an end-user that is associated with a particular area in a document and stored as a layer on top of the document without changing the document itself. There are multiple annotation types available, most popular are the yellow sticky notes that can be added to documents.

What is a redaction?

A redaction is a specific type of annotation that is used to permanently remove words or information from a document for security purposes. The Alfresco Enterprise Viewer suggests redactions based on common patterns and supports ad-hoc redaction. Combined with the Alfresco Digital Platform, it can provide permanent and/or version redaction—where some users can view unredacted content and others see only the redacted document for security purposes.

Why are watermarks important?

Watermarks provide an additional layer of security to content. Organizations can protect their documents by including watermark overlays that show who downloaded a document and when, to avoid a screen grab or cell phone photographs.