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Alfresco Migration Service

Application development is shifting to the cloud and a new generation of content services platforms are setting the standard for modern enterprise content management. As a result, cloud-based ECM is widely accepted as a principal component of successful digital transformation.


So, what’s getting in the way? For many organizations it’s the ability to quantify and manage the risk, effort and cost associated with migrating legacy and siloed ECM apps. Alfresco Migration Service tackles this by delivering efficient tools, processes and services in a simple consumable form which means that organizations can migrate with maximum speed, minimal risk and excellent cost efficiency.


Want simply a better way to migrate your ECM to the cloud? Read on.

Business Challenges

Not all organizations are the same, but legacy ECM presents some shared challenges:


  • Multiple ECM systems that are not integrated due to mergers and acquisitions or departmental silos
  • Pressure to reduce maintenance costs and effort required to maintain older ECM systems
  • Strategy to move to the cloud, but existing vendor cannot offer a modern, cloud-native solution
  • Delays in delivering innovative solutions to business units as older ECM systems prove complex and time consuming to customize


All of these lead to a crunch point where innovation stops, and frustration starts. Alfresco’s approach? We make things simple.

Simple Service Offerings

Consistency is key to repeatability – it’s why the Alfresco eco-system uses a set of six Simple Service Offerings. After an initial assessment to validate the scope of the project, the migration process takes on average just five weeks to complete. Here’s how it works:

  1. Create connectors from a list of available ECM integrations
  2. Detect the configuration of the selected connection and identify the properties for each type
  3. Create the target schema and define the document classes, aspects and properties
  4. Define how each field is mapped from the source to the target system with tool mapping and config
  5. Use good sample data to verify the migrated content and metadata as an initial migration phase
  6. Execute the full migration by taking the complete content from the source repository to Alfresco


Learn More - Download the Datasheet

Efficient Tooling

Designed for managing the end-to-end migration with maximum efficiency, the Migration Tool has native connectors to common ECM systems such as:

  • Documentum
  • OpenText Content Suite
  • IBM Content Manager & IBM FileNet Content Manager
  • SharePoint
  • Other sources including file systems or network shares

Repeatable & Proven Migration Process

The Alfresco Migration Service is capable of migrating billions of documents on premises, to the cloud or both. It’s why organizations trust Alfresco to help them achieve their digital transformation goals. By focusing on tools, services and a methodology that’s simple and repeatable, you reap the benefits of a rapid migration that’s proven to work.