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Alfresco Premier Services

Within Alfresco’s Customer Success team our Premier Services are designed to help our largest and most important customers to succeed with their Alfresco deployment – on-premise or cloud based. It includes a combination of enhanced support plus additional services delivered by experts on Alfresco’s Digital Business Platform.


We aim to prevent critical situations but are able to deal with and solved those situations quickly with the experiences our team built up over years of delivering to our largest customers. Premier Services contains components to ensure stability and robustness as well as to future proof your Alfresco deployment.


This includes being up-to-date on the latest technologies, products and implementations from Alfresco. Premier Services is delivered by two main programs, the Technical Account Manager (TAM) program and the Premier Service Engineer program (PSE). More details to both programs can be found below and on subsequent pages.

Technical Account Manager (TAM) Program

The Technical Account Manager (TAM) Program is a very good choice for customers who have teams and people working on projects and looking for guidance, best practices and recommendations from an Expert.


As well this program is the choice if your project will be growing in the future or if you are looking to make it more successful. The TAM will contribute on those with health checks and ongoing check-ins as well as alignment between our customers and our own roadmaps.


With their expertise, our TAMs will be working with our customers on any critical situations to ensure a fast turnaround and they will provide a level of reporting and monitoring on support and service delivery.


If you are interested in this service or you want to get more information, please follow the link to the details page for our TAM offering.


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Our Premier Service Engineer (PSE) Program

Our Premier Service Engineer (PSE) Program guarantees the closest relationship and collaboration between our customers and Alfresco. A dedicated Alfresco product expert is assigned to only one customer to extend their team with the experience to setup, maintain and support the deployment.


The PSE is a hands-on specialist in upgrading Alfresco's Digital Business Platform and its components to the latest version as well as in integrations and guidance on extending our products. With a PSE our customers frees up resources on their own teams from administration, maintenance and support in order to be able to develop and progress their projects even faster. With an Alfresco expert to watch out for the deployment.


If you are interested in this service or you want to get more information, please follow the link to the details page for our Premier Services PSE offering.


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Alfresco Premier Services Comparisons

  Technical Account Manager (TAM) Premier Services Engineer (PSE)
Authorized Support Contacts 5 10
Quarterly Service Reviews and product update
Interview assistance and Alfresco hiring profiles
Inclusion in Alfresco’s Customer Advisory Board  
Support case handling and management Severity 1 by TAM (close monitoring of Sev2-4) All Severities
Weekly Premier touchpoint
Proactive Go-Live event readiness and tracking
Hot Fix escalation
Health & Stability    
Premier Health Check
Named access to eLearning courses 24/7 at Alfresco University for business users, developers and system administrators incl. Certification vouchers 3 5
Major Release Upgrade Guidance Assistance
Minor Version or Service Pack Upgrade Assistance  
Annual configuration and performance tuning  
Standard deployment and configuration of Alfresco DBP or single components, modules and engines  
Advice on infrastructure configurations related to Alfresco DBP (e.g. load balancer, proxy, etc. configuration)  
Alfresco ACS and APS Administration* and guidance on system monitoring  
Assistance with smaller customizations, guidance on API usage and recommendation on platform development  

* According to "Administration" chapter for ACS and APS in

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