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Alfresco Process Services (BPM)

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Alfresco Process Services powered by Activiti

Enterprise BPM


BPM for Tech enthusiasts

User Experience

Task & Case Management
Alfresco Process Services
Individual & Team Work
Dynamic Casework - with user comments, ad-hoc checklists, documents, dynamic form and the ability to involve others easily.
Inline Document Viewer (including MS Office)
User Configurable Filters
Process Applications
One click process start
Localized UI (10 languages)
Process Analytics
Alfresco Process Services
Process Heat Maps & Summary Reports
Task Performance & SLAs Report
Easy to Configure Custom Reports
Customized Business Applications
Alfresco Process Services
Alfresco Application Development Framework (ADF)
Alfresco Process Services
Android Native Mobile App
iOS Native Mobile App
Custom Web Mobile Apps using Alfresco ADF


Forms Designer
Alfresco Process Services
Web-based Form Editor
Forms Library
'One Click' Model Validation
Extensible Form Toolbox (Stencil Sets)
Rich Form Controls - with multi-tabs, conditional visibility, REST driven control and variable column
Data Model Editor
Connect to external data sources - including JDBC, Alfresco content repository, custom such as Http and Java data connector interface
Share Import/Export Data Models
Data Models Mapping with Alfresco Content Services
Store Entity Task
Process Variable Mapping
Process Designer
Alfresco Process Services
Web-based BPMN Editor
Eclipse Plugin
Web-based Step Editor
"One Click" Validation
Share, Export/Import Process Models
Configurable Process Toolbox (Stencil Sets)
DMN Designer
Web-based DMN Decision Table Editor
DMN Decision Table Library
'One Click' Model Validation
Share, Export/Import DMN Decision Tables
Process Apps Designer
Visual Process Apps Editor
Share, Export/Import Process Apps
'One Click' Process App Publication


Enterprise System Administration Console
Alfresco Process Services
Admin UI for Process Engine Configuration
Process Engine Configuration
Clustering Configuration & Monitoring
Process Instances Monitoring
Multiple Environments Deployments
Advanced Process Instances Search
User Management
Alfresco Process Services
Group & Role-based User Capabilities
Apps Manager UI for User Access & Role Configuration

BPM Engine

Alfresco Process Services
Industry Proven BPMN 2.0 Process Engine
Built on Spring framework
Multi-Schema Multi-Tenancy


Alfresco Process Services
Built In Index Engine for Analytics Platform
Configurable Event Listeners
Query-driven Search API


Alfresco Process Services
LDAP and Active Directory Synchronization
OAuth2 Native Support
Out-Of-The-Box Connectors
Auto Generate Documents (MS office, PDF)
Alfresco Content Services - including upload from and save to, call a content function (i.e. extract metadata, transform image, check-in/out...) and retrieve file properties
Google Drive
Microsoft Office
Microsoft SharePoint (emulation)
Messaging - including email, Camel, MuleSoft ESB and REST endpoints.
Open APIs
Engine - Java APIs
Engine - REST APIs
Full Application REST API support
Microsoft Office
JavaScript Unified API for Process & Content Services (ADF)
Swagger & RAML Productivity Tooling


Alfresco Process Services
Advanced control on user-added code (script tasks, beans, dependencies)
Role-based REST APIs Authorization Control
Virtual sandboxing
Regular Pen Tests by Industry Experts

Alfresco Services

Alfresco Process Services
Active Community
Enterprise Grade Support
Hot Fix and Service Pack Program
Defect Escalation and Prioritization Process
Controlled Release Program
Alfresco Certified Training
Alfresco Consulting Services
Alfresco Partner Network