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Case Management

Build a Better Case Management Solution

Successful case management solutions must facilitate unstructured work involving multiple people, data, documents, and a variety of processes, rules, policies and compliance requirements.


The Alfresco Digital Business Platform is a powerful foundation for case management applications. The platform—which brings together process, content and governance—supports an integrated approach to case management that increases productivity, strengthens compliance, accelerates resolution and improves case outcomes.

"The power of Alfresco is that users are confident that business-critical content involved in the claims and underwriting process is searchable, secure and available in one central location without having to go out and hunt for it."

- Richard Williams, CIO, Mitsui Sumitomo

What is Case Management?

A case management solution coordinates and tracks all the work related to the resolution of a specific case (i.e. insurance claim, loan application, support ticket, etc.). Key objectives when building a case management solution include:

  • Increasing user productivity
  • Speeding up case resolution through automation
  • Enhancing case outcomes through analytics
  • Building visibility, traceability and compliance
  • Empowering knowledge workers and making their work easier
  • Eliminating manual and error-prone activities
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Case Management Examples

Case management use cases exist in every industry. Here are a few examples:

  • Government: FOIA/FOI requests, law enforcement, social and citizen services
  • Insurance: Application processing, underwriting, claims management
  • Financial Services: Customer onboarding, loan approval, fraud investigation
  • Healthcare: Registration and triage, treatment, assessment
  • General: Employee onboarding, IT help, customer support

Integrated Approach to Case Management

The Alfresco Digital Business Platform helps to enable better, faster case outcomes with built-in process and regulatory compliance.

  • Access to case information via metadata tagging and advanced search
  • Automate the routing of documents, assigning tasks and expediting decisions
  • Generate audit trails, add transparency and control via records management

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Dynamic Case Management

The Alfresco Digital Business Platform helps users manage complex, unstructured cases:

  • Distributed teams work better through content sharing and collaboration 
  • The Alfresco Search and Insight Engine helps inform decisions and improve outcomes
  • Unexpected situations are addressed by creating/tracking non-routine tasks 
  • Performance standards are met through advanced process analytics

Modern Architecture

Alfresco’s modern architecture enables the rapid delivery of built-to-fit case management applications that leverage the latest cloud innovations:

  • A rich set of components for building bespoke experiences
  • Leverages the cloud’s elastic scalability and can be extended with AI 
  • Open source drives innovation and simple integration with LOB applications 


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