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Citizen Services

Make Legacy a Thing of the Past

Citizens engage with government agencies for passports & immigration, licensing and permit applications, service enrollments, local council issues and more.


Aging and silo-ed legacy systems, cutbacks due to austerity measures, and increased demand for government transparency all combine to make the experience manually intensive and error-prone.


Deploying a Citizen Services solution with Alfresco is different. Alfresco offers a platform for receiving and managing information and service requests from citizens as well as servicing investigations from other government agencies. It includes content management, process design & orchestration as well as governance in a single cloud-native platform.


Download the infographic to learn more.

Modernization for the Masses

Partner with Alfresco for Citizen Services solutions to achieve:

  1. Improved efficiency: Interoperability and collaboration within and across agencies. Integration with legacy systems. Streamlined tasks & process automation
  2. Enhanced citizen experience: Omni-channel user experience. Ability to serve up information via self-service channels. Centralized information storage that reduces the need for repetitive document submissions by citizens
  3. Invisible Governance: Integrated audit, content & records management enabling secure information storage, accessibility and compliant document retention


Citizen Services Datasheet

Citizen Services solutions built on Alfresco offer:

  1. Content, Process & Governance in a single platform
  2. Flexibility & scalability to expand to many use cases and high-volume services
  3. Ease of integration & openness with legacy infrastructure


Download the datasheet to learn more.

What is the impact of the Digital Experience Act?

Citizen experience with governance agencies is often outdated and not user-friendly. While conceived in the US, the Digital Experience Act strikes a chord around the world, by outlining new minimum requirements for of Federal websites and digital services.

Small steps deliver big Improvements in Citizen Services

The experts at Deep Analysis have worked with multiple government teams across the world. Most struggle to meet the digital experiences expectations of their citizens. This report explores practical steps to bridge the gap.

Could you achieve a 201% ROI with Alfresco on AWS?

Improving Citizen Engagement using Alfresco can have an impact – fast. Forrester Consulting's Total Economic Impact™ of Alfresco Content Services on AWS study will help you explore the potential cost savings and other benefits of managing content in the cloud.

City & County of Denver

The City and County of Denver Automate Business Processes and Improve Citizen Engagement with Alfresco Software. Alfresco helped The City and County of Denver Improve Citizen Engagement with an online and mobile 311 application where citizens could report non-urgent matters such as potholes or graffiti.


With Alfresco, the CIRB (Computerization Center for the Brussels Region) is dematerializing the document procedures of public bodies in the Brussels-Capital Region. Alfresco is therefore now deployed across 44 bodies--totaling 200 devices for 6,500 users--and the numbers keep rising. The devices manage some two million documents. The constantly updated development model now enables a new version to be deployed in just 10 minutes per device.

Alingsås Municipality

The municipal government of Alingsås is responsible for the commissioning and delivery of a large proportion of local services to around 38,000 citizens. Forward thinking and highly progressive, Alingsås wanted to maximise the workplace productivity of its employees. This would be dependent on eliminating the barriers that made it difficult for compartmentalised agencies and departments to access and view common information resources such as policy guidelines, procedural or technical documentation.