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Migrate to Cloud-Native ECM

Maximize Agility, Modernize your Business

To support their digital transformation, businesses are migrating from legacy ECM software to take advantage of the modern, cloud-native content services platforms and increase business agility and innovation.

While nobody relishes undertaking a migration project, they no longer need to be the risky, expensive and complex projects they once were.

Alfresco has proven expertise to help you migrate quickly with minimal risk and have customers that have successfully completed migration projects in under 6 weeks.

"We wanted a single standard platform for our ECM systems. We also knew that we had to migrate from the old environment to a new one quickly, and knew there would be some tough challenges along the way. It was a question of getting the platform and our partners right – and we ended up making the correct choice for both!”

Mark Scheers, P&V Group

Strategies for Legacy ECM Migration

Gone are the days of migrating all your content from on-premises to the cloud in one big, risky and disruptive move. Today’s migration options can make modernizing much more achievable:

  • Bulk migration with delta: Most of the documents are moved over in bulk, but us­ers continue to access the existing system. A final ‘sync’ is performed after all users are mapped over to the new cloud environment
  • Migration in waves or phases: Phased migration focuses on specific departments or applications, then switch that area over to the new cloud application. This allows a phased-in approach
  • On-demand: Migration occurs on content-by-content basis as it is requested. For example, much of the content remains on-premises while users are using the new cloud system
  • On-demand: Migration occurs on an “as needed basis” driven by users' access. For example, much of the content remains in the legacy application, typically on-premises; but gets moved to Alfresco, possibly running in the cloud, when a user needs it.
    Learn more about our “Intelligent Content Migration” approach

Which approach is right for you?


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Frequently Asked Questions: Migrating Your Enterprise Content Management (ECM) to the Cloud

How do I plan my ECM migration to the cloud?

In planning your ECM migration to the cloud, here are 10 tips to maximize your chances for success: identify content, size and location; evaluate storage requirements; determine target database; map security; document configuration; specify search requirements; determine daily volume upload requirements; determine cutover requirements; determine changes to custom components; and plan cloud architecture.

How can I minimize the impact of ECM migration on end-users?

The right strategy for ECM migration can minimize impact on stakeholders. These may include: Providing users with continued access as files are migrated and “sync” once everyone is mapped; Phased migration of specific departments or applications; Migrating “on-demand” - content stays on-premises as users access the new cloud system - and often some combination of these.

How do I make a business case for migrating to a cloud-based ECM?

The cost and other benefits of migrating to a cloud-native ECM are significant. Make a case using tangible cost benefits and intangible benefits. Cloud deployments decreased capital expenditures like office space, hardware and software, but maintain elastic scalability. The increased flexibility and advanced cloud technologies also help build a strong business case, though harder to quantify

How can Alfresco help with my migration process?

Alfresco offers a migration service to assist with on-premises to cloud migrations, as well as a robust ecosystem of experienced partners that have the skills, tools and services to handle migrations across industries and use cases. The Alfresco customer success team can help identify the best potential migration partners to meet your requirements.


Learn more about the Alfresco Migration Service, or, to identify migration partners, visit and click contact us.

Webinar on-demand: How to Migrate in Weeks (not months)

Whether you are running Documentum or FileNet, you can learn from ECM best practices that have successfully migrated customers in just six weeks. In this webinar, Alfresco Partner TSG shares their experience of retiring FileNet to save on costly support while getting a modern, improved user experience.


Not Yet Convinced you Need to Migrate?

How to cut costs and increase agility with content services in the AWS cloud

They say that content is king--which may explain why enterprise content can be such a royal pain to manage. IT organizations are contending with a growing list of content management challenges that can be addressed with moving ECM systems to the cloud.

Discover an open, cloud-ready digital business platform

Is your content system difficult to integrate with new technologies? Do you believe in open source and wish you could leverage its power? Are you worried about the future of Documentum under OpenText? A switch can seem daunting, but a move is more achievable than you think.

Are you keeping pace with your competitors?

With reduced investment from IBM, FileNet customers are paying heavily for a platform that is standing still and facing risky, costly upgrades. Alfresco has a better way, with a cloud-native alternative that helps you innovate and get faster time to value. A modern, open platform provides the agility you need to compete while reducing costs.

Migration Brought to Life

Protective Insurance

Protective Insurance specializes in marketing and underwriting insurance for the transportation industry. Through its many property and casualty insurance companies and brokerage firms, the company accepts risks covering more than a dozen different specialty products and services and provides brokerage services for all kinds of risk.


After hitting the wall with SharePoint sprawl, LexisNexis Risk Solutions adopted Alfresco Content Services as its standard collaboration platform—regaining control while unleashing innovation and productivity.

Delta Dental

Delta Dental of California has achieved rapid success with Alfresco Content Services by leveraging the platform’s scalability, performance and ease of integration. In a three-year period, the company has transformed processes across the insurance lifecycle with faster, easier document access.