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Alfresco Cloud
Digital Business Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Content, Process, and Governance in a fully managed platform

Enterprises often find a large percentage of their IT budget is devoted to infrastructure and “keeping the lights on.” Alfresco Cloud removes this headache. Alfresco provides a modern environment for developing and deploying content-centric solutions - without the cost and complexity of on-premises legacy applications.

The Power of Cloud Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

  • Create an agile environment to build, deploy and run your content-powered apps and processes
  • Embrace the latest cloud-native applications and services to deliver automated, content-rich digital solutions
  • Secure and govern your content in the cloud with support for compliance standards and regulations such as GDPR
  • Extend your platform with a range of cloud-native AI and machine learning services and turn your content into a business asset
the power of paas

By combining the flexibility of cloud and the power of the Alfresco Digital Business Platform, you’ll enjoy instant access to content, process, governance, and AI—all as a managed service.


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eBook: Architect for Cloud Success with Alfresco

Most organizations' unstructured content will move to the cloud in the next couple of years. The cloud will help them reduce costs, increase agility, and become a truly digital business.


Download our eBook: Architect for Cloud Success with Alfresco, and learn more about what a digital business PaaS can do for you.

Six reasons why Cloud PaaS

1. Exceptional time to value

Instant on… no waiting on IT to provision applications to datacenters, Alfresco Cloud is ready to run… and will keep running

2. Rapid access to new solutions

Cloud changes the game on 'speed of innovation’ with agile development and the ability to rapidly consume new features as soon as they become available

3. Solve your talent problem

No need to hire technical specialists – Alfresco Cloud provides the specialists to run the infrastructure and operations 24/7

4. Better use of resources

Get out of datacenter operations, backups, and upgrades, and your team can focus on building business value

5. Solution that simply works

Alfresco Cloud is built and run by experts, and there are multiple benefits to a managed platform, for instance no version lock-in and always working on the latest version. We know our tech best!

6. Programmatic best practices

You gain the benefit of our insights, experiences, and processes of operating these environments for hundreds of organizations across many industries

Hosted in Amazon Web Services

High-availability, fully redundant and state-of-the-art secure, our AWS-hosted architecture delivers:


Speed and Scale

Alfresco Cloud has 99.9% availability and auto-scales to enable you to manage the peaks and troughs of your business, while delivering high performance and reliability

Seamless Upgrades

Automatic upgrades are managed seamlessly within Alfresco Cloud ensuring continuous business operations and immediate access to the latest Alfresco innovations

Lower Operational Costs

Leveraging AWS compute power and storage plus the power of the Alfresco Digital Business Platform, Alfresco Cloud is a modern, cost-effective, highly scalable, platform

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It’s time to take your organization’s digital modernization initiatives to the next level!

Join us on-demand as Hyland executives and product leaders demonstrate how to leverage the cloud-native Alfresco content services platform to deliver a faster time to value for your organization. Watch now to learn how to accelerate your digital modernization initiatives!

Alfresco Cloud PaaS Content Management FAQ

What is PaaS?

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offerings let you build your apps and manage your digital operations without the cost and complexity of deploying, managing and updating the platform.

What are the benefits of PaaS?

With a cloud-native digital business Platform-as-a-Service such as the Alfresco Cloud, you can take advantage of modular, lightweight cloud services, open technologies (APIs, standards), easy integrations and extensions and deliver tailored, user-centric experiences with a fast time-to-value. 

Why do I need PaaS? Can’t we “lift and shift” our legacy system to the cloud?

You can’t lift-and-shift a legacy enterprise content management system that’s designed for on-premises deployment and realize all the benefits of managing content, process and governance.

How can a PaaS content management system help my business?

PaaS offerings  are modern, modular and cloud-native, with  micro-services architecture and containerization support that let you take full advantage of the cloud’s reach, elastic scalability and pay-as-you-grow cost savings.

Why Alfresco Cloud for PaaS?

Alfresco provides an open and independent Digital Business PaaS that’s secure, reliable and gives you access to an ever-expanding set of integrated cloud services. It gives you the freedom to connect, scale and grow your digital business in your own way and on your own terms.