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Switching from Legacy ECM
to Modern Content Services

If you are finding that your legacy ECM systems are holding you back, you are in the right place. Alfresco helps break down information silos and delivers a level of innovation that legacy ECM vendors simply can’t match. Our open, cloud-native and developer-friendly platform helps deliver:

  • Lower TCO - Take full advantage of the cloud while maintaining control
  • Rapid ROI - Discover how to achieve 148% ROI
  • Delight Users - Quickly deliver apps that get work done

If you want to get specific information to help you understand how and when Alfresco beats Documentum or FileNet, we have a range of independent evaluation  for you to explore. If you already understand the many benefits Alfresco offers, but are struggling with how to start making the transition to our platform, you can find advice and guidance on approach to low-risk, simple migration tool.

Compare Alfresco with legacy ECM providers

Are you keeping pace with your competitors?

Do you feel you get the level of innovation you require? Are you frustrated by high support costs to avoid daunting upgrades? Alfresco has a better way, with a cloud-native alternative that helps you innovate and get faster time to value. A modern, open platform provides the agility you need to compete while reducing costs.

Discover an open, cloud-ready digital business platform

Is your content system difficult to integrate with new technologies? Do you believe in open source and wish you could leverage its power? Are you worried about the future of Documentum under OpenText? A switch can seem daunting, but a move is more achievable than you think.

What does ECM leadership look like in 2019? Ask the experts...

Get the independent, expert view on why legacy ECM is no longer keeping up with the market trends that matter. Our new eBook distils the key takeaways, themes and highlights from three recent Analyst Reports, each recognizing Alfresco as a Content Services ‘Leader’. 

Learn best practices for making the move from Legacy ECM

Being convinced there is a better way isn’t always enough. Knowing that modern, open alternatives are available doen’t make moving from legacy systems any easier. But it doesn’t have to be as daunting as it may see, and we have lots of experience of helping customers make the move.