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Document Indexing Module for Alfresco Share

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Turn Alfresco into an Imaging System with the Document Indexing Module from Blue Fish. This extension lets you scan documents into Alfresco with the scanner or multi-function printer you already have and then process them in easy-to-use indexing queues. It enables distributed scanning and indexing without the need for a centralized mail room scanning system.

  • Easily scan documents into Alfresco with the scanner or multi-function printer/scanner/copier you already have.
  • Process documents in easy-to-use indexing queues.
  • No training required. So easy to use, it you’ll master it in minutes.
  • Save time and eliminate tedious repetitive tasks. Designed and optimized for a single purpose, the Document Indexing Module automates a dozen manual steps with a single mouse click.
  • Integrated with Alfresco simple workflows. Automatically approves documents as you index them.
  • Index more than just images. The Document Indexing Module supports PDF, GIF, JPEG, Word Excel, and most other office and image file formats.
  • Create indexing queues for different types of documents or different groups of users. Each user can even have his / her own queue to index documents he / she imported.
  • Scan in one location and index in another. Use distributed scanners in multiple locations, or break up indexing tasks across multiple people.

Meet the Partner

BlueFish Development Group

United States

About the Solution

Licensing Model:Check with partner
Alfresco Content Services:4.1, 4.0, 3.4
System / Additional Requirements:
No special requirements
Version History:2.0.0
Support:Supported by Solution Provider

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