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Document Capture and Scanning Solutions

Convert Static Documents into Actionable Data

More than 80% of business information is locked away in unstructured content:  paper documents, office files, forms,  faxes, PDFs, emails, pictures, videos, and much more. With Alfresco, you can extract and act on all that valuable information, using it to drive business processes, provide insights for content management and replace inefficient paper-based operations with a highly automated data and document flow. This all adds up to improved employee productivity, exceptional service quality, and stronger regulatory compliance.

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Alfresco Document Capture and Scanning Features

Advanced, All-In-One Solution

With Alfresco, you get a comprehensive solution that offers seamless, end-to-end integration from document scanning to document management and storage.

  • Capture documents and data from nearly any source with world-class OCR capabilities, document scanning software, and document capture software
  • Classify and process scanned files so that organizing documents is automatic and hassle-free
  • Extract meaningful data from documents to drive intelligent and dynamic business processes

Intelligent Information Capture

Make your critical business information more actionable, searchable and secure by digitizing documents with Alfresco and Amazon Textract. Alfresco users can take advantage of Amazon Textract intelligent information processing, taking a mass ingestion of information and classifying data faster than ever before. Working together, the technologies deliver powerful new capabilities for image-oriented applications that are scalable via AWS services.


  • Process forms and tables and extract data automatically (and without human intervention) to expedite and simplify daily work
  • Context stays intact, so you can start using the data right away
  • Rapidly build highly scalable intelligent solutions and capture faster time to value
  • Increase data integrity and security compliance
  • Launch business processes faster than ever
  • Control document access and strengthen compliance with a complete document audit trail

Digitize Your Organization

Alfresco’s intelligent document capture solutions and extraction capabilities enhance the flow of information through any business process at any organization.


Mobile Document Capture

Mobile document capture means you can keep everyone moving forward—even when you’re on the move. Alfresco Mobile Content and Process Services let you capture, share and edit vital content, as well as drive intelligent business processes.

Alfresco ECM Capabilities

Alfresco Content Services provides open, flexible, highly scalable Enterprise Content Management (ECM) capabilities. Content is accessible wherever and however you work, and easily integrates with your other business applications.


Document Capture and Scanning Solution FAQs

What is document capture, and how is it different from scanning documents?

Document scanning creates digital files from physical documents. Document capture refers to bringing those scanned images, along with other digital files that may include photo and video files, into a document management system (DMS) or enterprise content management system (ECM). A document capture system automates processes, such as: extracting metadata used for indexing the files, or using optical character recognition (OCR) or key information extraction so that the captured material is searchable and more usable. Another common term, “Document Imaging System,” refers to the hardware and software used for document capture.

Customer Case Studies

American Society for Clinical Pathology

As its library of files grew, the American Society for Clinical Pathology needed an enterprise content management system to compile, store and organize digital images of slides.

P&V Group

P&V Group consolidates its system after business acquisition, and implements a records management solution that also enabled document management, enterprise content management, and web content management.

Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

The Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust sought a solution for storing and managing documents, images, videos, and other types of content.

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