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How to Migrate your Enterprise Content to the Cloud with Cloud-Native ECM

A Free White Paper from Alfresco that Explores Migrating your ECM to the Cloud

If you’re looking to migrate Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software to the cloud, you may be wondering what is involved. What are some key things to consider when you're planning a migration of your ECM to the cloud?

The answer to this question lies in assessing key components of your ECM. You'll want to consider the types of content you wish to migrate, locations, configurations, storage, database, security and more.

 This white paper introduces you to the idea of planning an ECM move to the cloud, with some key considerations, and a focus on Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

Download it and learn:

  • What are some benefits of moving to the cloud?
  • What are the key elements to consider when planning your ECM migration?
  • What functionality does Alfresco on AWS bring to my ECM?
  • How does Alfresco allow me to adopt containerized deployments?
  • What are some options for migration tools?

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