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Alfresco Industry Focus

Alfresco is working with leading banking and insurance organizations of all sizes around the globe to transform the end-to-end customer experience from the first contact to the last interaction.

When patient data isn’t patient-centered, care can suffer. Alfresco helps healthcare providers around the world consolidate patient data, from any source, into a single patient view—so you can see your patients more clearly than ever.

Some of the largest and most innovative government agencies in the world trust Alfresco to deliver information-based solutions that meet the challenges of doing business in a digital world.

Alfresco is helping both traditional manufacturers and high-tech companies to modernize their processes and keep information accurate and accessible across the company’s value chain. 

This increasingly digital age means that content publishing has expanded to encompass multiple formats and channels. There is a growing demand for real-time, cross-platform content. 

By digitizing document-driven processes with Alfresco, insurers can transform transactions along the entire customer journey—from application submittal, through underwriting and claims, to ongoing communications with policyholders.