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Blue Fish Migration Workbench™ is based on years of experience helping some of the world’s most successful companies migrate millions of files between content repositories.  Created to solve challenges that no other tool on the market has addressed to date, Migration Workbench gets your migration completed faster, with less effort from your business users, fewer errors, and higher confidence in the result – all through the use of three breakthrough concepts:

  • Incremental Migrations – Migration Workbench throws out the antiquated “big bang” method of transferring data and instead uses an iterative approach. This way, documents in your target repository can automatically update as soon as you find and fix underlying data errors.
  • Migration Rules – Unlike antiquated ETL tools, Workbench employs easy to use migration rules to control how metadata is mapped from the source to the target repository. Even business users can create rules to fix data problems that have been there for years.
  • Dynamic Cutover – Workbench can prioritize critical content so it can go live while less important information is still being worked on. Instead of waiting until your least significant data is ready, you can start using your new system as soon as your highest priority content has migrated – practically right away.

Workbench can be helpful in many situations where a migration is necessary. Some especially valuable uses include:

  • Moving from a legacy ECM platform to Alfresco
  • Dramatically simplifying large, complex migration projects
  • Consolidating multiple disparate repositories into a single enterprise repository
  • Upgrading old repositories or moving them onto new hardware
  • Synchronizing content between disparate systems
  • Sophisticated publishing operations

Solution Features:

  • Live-to-Live Migrations – Migration Workbench allows you to migrate content while repositories are in use, so business users never get locked out of their critical content systems.
  • Partial Import – When a document's related objects are missing, Workbench can use temporary values rather than exiting in error, and can later update the document with the correct values.
  • Automatic Folder Creation - If Workbench tries to import a document into a folder that doesn't exist, it can create that folder automatically, using a custom folder type if desired.
  • Doesn't Stop at Documents - Migration Workbench can migrate Folders, Cabinets, Users, Groups, ACLs, Web Publisher content, Lifecycles, Virtual Documents, Relationships, and Renditions.
  • Metadata Lookup Tables - Attributes can be populated from lookup tables and spreadsheets, allowing business users to "enrich" a document's metadata during the migration.
  • Reporting Dashboard - Workbench provides complete visibility into the status of your migration, showing which documents have been migrated and which have errors waiting to be resolved.              

Meet the Partner

BlueFish Development Group

United States

About the Solution

Licensing Model:Contact Partner
Alfresco Content Services:4.1, 4.2, 4.0
System / Additional Requirements:
Runs on Windows, Unix, Linux, and other Java compatible platforms
Works with any JDBC compliant database, such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, etc.
Can export from and import to file systems on any platform
Version History:2.1
Support:Supported by Solution Provider

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