Service Offerings

Alfresco Consulting’s range of Offerings that can be adapted to a wide range of processes and use cases within the scope of a Digital Transformation initiative. These offerings are frequently leveraged by Customers in numerous different Industry verticals and our Case Studies reflect our depth and breath of our experience.

Our offerings emphasize the need for Customer collaboration and interaction throughout the engagement so that as well as sharing our relevant best practices we can ensure that your Alfresco related skills are developed.

We offer two type of Service offering; Advisory offerings where Alfresco Consulting will deploy a subject matter expert for either a short term engagement on a specific topic or a longer term engagement, augmenting your team.

Our implementation offerings are focused on Alfresco Consulting engaging in project delivery mode where we deploy a full delivery team of Consultants, Architects and Engagement Manager to work with your project team to deploy the solution into production.


Alfresco Extended Services

The need for easy to consume professional services

At Alfresco, we know that work does not stop once the implementation project is over. There are always tweaks, refinements and new requirements to software solutions long after the initial development team has left. This creates a problem for IT leaders because professional services teams are not generally on standby, and it is time consuming to engage a new team each time a new requirement arises. Software solutions must remain agile in order to respond to the changing needs of the business.

For larger one-off engagements, IT leaders often turn to fully bespoke services engagements. But what do they do for this continual stream of smaller needs? Enter Alfresco Extended Services.

How Alfresco Can Help

Alfresco’s Extended Services is a subscription-based professional services product that fills the gap between tiers of (largely reactive) support and one-off highly custom time & materials consulting engagements. Extended Services Offers:


ServiceExample project / use
Technical Advisory Service
  • Code review
  • Solution design review
  • Best practices guidance & Skills assessment 
Small custom development or integration projects
  • Front end UI customizations
  • Custom file store imports
  • API enhancements
Requirements discovery & definition 
  • Evaluate migration needs
  • Determine upgrade requirements
  • Update content model design
Custom Documentation
  • Quick Reference Guides (QRG)
  • Best practices
  • User on-boarding plans
Custom Education
  • Solution-specific UI training
  • Just-in-time product enablement
  • Product certification guidance


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Technical Advisory Offerings

Alfesco Consulting provides a range of Technical Advisory Offerings that can be leveraged before, during and after your Digital Transformation initiatives. Typically delivered by of our Process or Content Services experts, these offerings are designed to Augment your project teams with timely expertise. These offerings include:

  • Architecture, Configuration or Design Review – Services designed to review and validate specific aspects of the platform to ensure conformance to best practice
  • Readiness Assessment services – These services are designed to review preparedness and approaches. This could include a migration from a legacy ECM solution to Alfresco’s modern Content Services Platform
  • Technical Design - A set of integrate work packages designed to be deployed across a project timeline when Alfresco is engaged in the implementation tasks. The work packages are designed to de-risk key milestones as well as provide guidance, coaching and knowledge transfer to the project team on Alfresco’s Best Practices

Implementation Offerings

As well as Advisory Services, Alfresco Consulting maintains the capabilities to deliver end to end Process and Content related solutions to our Customers.

Our teams follows a readiness, ramp and extend methodology to delivering solutions and the entire Alfresco Consulting team, together with the certified partner consultants that we work with have a detailed comprehension of the approach we follow.

Our Engagement Managers and Solution Architects will play lead roles in project and the focus for Alfresco is work with you team to deploy priority use cases into production in 90 days or less, following an Agile approach.


Migration Service

Alfresco can help you with cost-effective and low-risk Migration. With a combination of Migration tools and proven methodology, Alfresco Consulting can work with you and alongside your chosen partners to get you to a modern, open platform quickly. Learn more about our Migration Service.