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Premier Service Engineer

With a Premier Services Engineer (PSE) our customers get the advantage of a vendor service in combination with a hands-on specialist of our products. The service engineer may be based remotely to our customers but will work as an extension of the customer team and should be included in all relevant conversations and decisions regarding Alfresco products.


The assignment of only one customer to each PSE allows to focus and spend the needed time to the PSEs customer. This can include operational work, more strategic involvement or advocating on behalf of the customer.


Being backed by the full Premier Services, the PSE has quick access to experiences and skills needed to solved complex issues and to understand how other customers were overcoming challenges such as upgrades, integrations or complex customizations.


The list of delivery from a PSE contains a long list of items. Please find the most important ones below highlighted and the full list for download at the bottom of the page.

Support and resolution

The PSE is the main point of contact for all Alfresco product related issues and will work on those to best possible resolution. Including some subject matter experts into the resolution is one of the benefits from our Premier Services while resolving support cases faster than for any other customer.


In case of issues are related to product defects, Premier Services customers benefit from a faster resolution time and a higher priority from our Engineering Team. If things become business critical, the option to request a single-issue Hotfix escalation is an exclusive right to Premier customers.

Start Running and Keep Current

To start an Alfresco project with a PSE who has experience to deploy and configure the Alfresco Digital Business Platform will help to ensure that the project is progressing as planned and mitigates technical risks during such a journey. With the hands-on experience the PSE will be contributing to speed up your efforts to use Alfresco products.


Keeping the Digital Business Platform up to date and on the latest version is one of the ways to ensure a successful project. This may come in the form of higher user adoption or by decreased costs. PSEs are helping our customers to get through such a project in the best way. His experience from other customers in combination with the information from Alfresco’s Engineering team and the knowledge of your environment, allows the PSE to contribute on such efforts.

In addition to those benefits PSE customer receive additional value from our Service by added training capacity, annual health check and performance tuning, assistance with smaller customization as well as and guidance and best practices on a daily basis.


Using such a service requires some reporting on service and support delivery and is included in the delivery as well as roadmap updates from the PSE or via the Customer Council events.

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