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Information Security and Controlled Access

Strengthen and simplify security with classifications and roles

Alfresco Governance Services provides the security models, audit trails and roles you need to protect business-critical content and records, and confidently demonstrate compliance, based on a rich security feature set developed throughout years of work with government and intelligence agencies. Get highly granular control over security and permissions through a combination of access controls, security clearance levels and intelligent security classification and marks to automatically secure files and records as they are created, shared and routed.

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Alfresco Information Security and Controlled Access Features and Benefits

Security classifications and marks

Define advanced security controls with both guided and automatic classification options to secure content—whether to handle Personally Identifiable Information (PII) for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or to meet high-security organizational requirements.

  • Configure security classifications and marks for an additional, easily implemented level of security beyond access control lists and permissions
  • Create your own marking group(s) with the needed controls for your organization
  • Apply classification levels to records as well as folders (ISO 16175 support)
advanced security control access
eBook: Build-in Information Governance

As regulations aimed at protecting personal data and information intensify, it is vital to have control over content and processes. Information Governance “invisibly” embedded in your ECM system and content-driven processes can help manage content and strengthen compliance—so that it just happens.

Roles-based access for records management functions and permissions

Ensure the security of your content and control who can see which records and can work in different areas of a file plan by setting permissions on folders and categories for individual users, groups, or by records management role.

  • Ensure security with roles and capabilities that control what functionality is available to users and groups
  • Choose from dozens of unique capabilities to assign what each role can do
  • Quickly assign users and groups the same level of functionality, assign a user to multiple roles at the same time, and manage roles to change capabilities
records management functions and permissions

Security and Controlled Access FAQ

What are security controls and how do they work?

Security controls establish the level of clearance required to access specific documents and records. Users that do not have the requisite clearance level will not even be aware that the content exists.

What are classification guides and how do they help?

Often, specific types of content have common classification requirements across an organization. Classification guides serve as templates that help quickly classify content with preset security controls. Alfresco Governance Services lets you create as many classification guides as you require at any level of complexity or simplicity.

What are security marks and how do they work?

Security marks are the security controls that can be added to content, records, folders, and categories—so that only users with the required security level can view or access them.

What is security clearance?

Security clearance defines what content a user sees based on their assigned security classification. Once security marks are assigned to content, users can only see content for which they have the required security clearance.

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