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Technical Account Manager

The Technical Account Manager (TAM) provides you with a highly skilled Alfresco expert working with your team on making your project as successful as possible. The TAM will be your first point of contact regarding all technical questions or issues and will work with Technical Support team to ensure your issues get resolved in the best possible way.


Working with multiple customers and knowing as well others customers use cases and projects, the TAM will be able to apply not only his own experience but also those lessons learned from other customers and other TAMs to your benefit.


Some of the values and benefits you receive from the TAM program will be described below and the full list is as well available at the end of this page as a download.


A Technical Account Manager is overseeing the support delivery from the Technical Support team. Background information and additional help will be provided from the TAM to the Support Engineer to help solve the issues.


In case of issues are related to product defects, TAM customers benefit from a faster resolution time and a higher priority from our R&D Team.

Keep Current and Stay Healthy

The TAM will be guiding your project teams during the phases of planning, preparing and running your upgrades. The contribution is depending on our customers’ needs as well as timing and could vary from high level overview to contributions in workshops or being remotely on standby.


Annually the TAM will offer to carry out one health check of your system. They will analyze a large set of data collected and will produce a Health Check Report. This report will contain a recommendation to ensure your system is healthy and fit for the future.

The TAM offering also includes:

  • Go Live tracking
  • Reporting on service and support consumption.

In addition, our TAM customers will be always up to date on the product roadmap to ensure customer projects are well aligned to our product development and strategies.

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